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Green packaging offers a environmentally friendly packaging solution to help protect your product and the environment. Recycled or recyclable, the green alternatives to conventional packaging are:


Biodegradable products disintegrate through the action of existing by nature and without artificial aid micro-organisms, such as bacteria or fungi over a period of time. Biodegradable bags are usually made from plant or animal sources. Examples of biodegradable include paper, vegetable scraps and some are made from corn starch.


Degradable plastics are oil based and degradation happens through chemical reactions rather than naturally, so they can brake down in an anaerobic environment into water, carbon-dioxide and plant materials and animal waste used as fuel.


Very similar to biodegradable plastic but "greener". For plastic to be considered as compostable, it must be able to break down into CO2, biomass and water in the same period of time as paper. Compostable plastic also needs to look like compost, should not produce any hazardous material and should be able to support plant life. It is normally made from plant materials such as corn starch, potato, cellulose, soy and sugar.


Suppliers and manufacturers of green packaging products including:

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Research and resources

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Green plastic bags look after patients' medicine

A Health Board is working to educate the public to bring their medicines with them when they attend for surgery.

As part of the of this education, Health Supplies now stock green plastic bags for transferring patient's own medicines.

Already carried on most emergency ambulances across Wales, green packaging is also potentially used by pre-op assessment areas.

These environmentally-friendly bags, with space for a patient's name, help remind patients to bring their medicines with them when they attend for surgery or can keep an emergency admission patient's medicines together before being transferred to an admitting ward.

A Pharmacist explained the importance of using the bags: "Getting the drug chart right is crucial and a medication/medical review and fine adjustment can happen more safely with an accurate drug history."

On hospital discharge, the patient can then have only one bag of 'medicines to take home' avoiding having bags of discontinued medicines in the cupboard at home which can be confusing for patients, potentially causing a medication-related readmission.

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